Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13

I just wanted to share the song that my husband is currently growing quite tired of.  A friend of mine shared it on his Facebook this morning and I loved it.  That’s right.  I didn’t just like it.  Loved it.  I looked up a bunch of their other songs on YouTube and didn’t care much for most of it, but this one just combines the elements of punk and a soft enough version off Wednesday 13’s voice that it hit my ear perfectly and I can’t stop listening.  Although my husband wishes I would.

To quickly update:  Babies are growing.  I’m growing.  I’m growing tired of being pregnant.  Think my pelvis may shatter at any moment.  Anemia exhaustion is unlike any exhaustion you’ve ever felt.  Still can’t see out of my left eye.  I no longer have calves or ankles.  I just have cankles.  Or hocks, if you prefer that image.  My OB thinks I’m going to go into labor before the scheduled C-Section, which at this point would be A Okay with me.  My cats have been acting weird and hovering over me for days.  I’m hoping it’s a sign that I’m going to go into labor soon, although I think it’s more likely that I’m just more aware of the presence because we’ve cut back on their food-per-feeding amounts in an attempt to curtail the mess around their bowls.  We just feed them more often now, with less in their bowls at a time.  Because they are actually not feline at all – they are pigs.

Okay.  Enjoy the Drag Queens.  They didn’t get me bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning.  That’s just an impossible task.  But they did kind of give me a little happy spike.  So I hope you enjoy them as well.  Bye Bye.

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