I Don’t Think It’s Colic…

…but it does help me understand where people like Andrea Yates were coming from. In an entirely theoretical way, understand. Not in a practical way. Please don’t let CPS see this.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Think It’s Colic…

  1. Yes, and most of your classmates couldn’t get this on a theoretical level, but will when faced with colicky little ones. Hope it’s better today.

    • I’m taking solace in the advice everyone has been giving me – that fussiness peaks at around six weeks. And keeping my fingers crossed it’s not reflux. My best friend has a 12 week old with reflux and she has some scary tales to tell. Not looking forward to one or both of them having something so high maintenance. It’s looking bleaker every day, though, for poor June. Much to discuss with the ped this Thursday. =)

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