A Whole God Damned Month…

…has gone by since the day I had my abdomen cut open and two human beings ripped from my loins, as it were.  Couple of little Macduffs, anyway.  I can only hope that they’ll one day have a hand in unseating a possibly schizophrenic Scottish king.  *sigh*

Halloween is this family’s favorite holiday.  Of course it is.  Just look at us.  I’ve already got two costume ideas:

1) Identical Macduffs.  No one needs to know they’re girls.  No one can tell unless they’re dressed in pink anyway.  And what’s that about?  Just because one of them isn’t dressed in pink while the other one is, people just assume that one is a boy.  Gender stereotype much?  Kidding.  But for real…

2) The twins from The Shining.  I’ve already warned my friend Danny that I’m going to send them over to stand in front of his house on random days at random times and invite him to “come play with us, Danny.  For ever, and ever, and ever.”

3 thoughts on “A Whole God Damned Month…

  1. In years to come you have to dress them in identical costumes then knock on a door, one child with you and one with the husband. Once the trick or treat transaction has been completed make it look like you have just noticed that the child with the strange man next to you looks just like your kid does. Cue kidnapped twin reunion scene on strangers doorstep….. poor stranger will be talking about that one for years 😉

    • Can I just say that I effing love the way your mind works? Messing with people is just one of my favorite forms of entertainment. =) Also, I love that trick or treat is a “transaction.” It is! There’s an absolute protocol to it and any variation of that protocol is viewed with intense and immediate suspicion. Finally, I was looking through your blogosphere and saw myself there. Thanks! I feel kind of internet famous now. 😉

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