Hunter Thompson’s Ghost is Riding My Consciousness Wagon…

Okie dokie, folks.  We’ve just crossed the border from reason and logic to the swarthy land of full-on crazy sauce.  My left eye and both ears are currently hallucinating.  Everything looks like it’s on a slant, I’m seeing things that I know were here earlier – happily obeying the iron rule of gravity – floating inches above and to the side of where they belong.  Everything in front of me looks like that weird reality you accept when you take the 3D glasses from the man at the window and shuffle into a dark corner of the theater.  Yes.  There are shadow people.  All up in my business.  And even if I close my eyes the baby monitor, glowing that half-breed shade of pondwater green/almost-dead-goldenrod, streams a constant report of static-crumpled giggles, singing, chirps, conversations from three tables over in a crowded tea house (sliverware tinkling), whimpers, hisses, clicks, hiccups and – perhaps most disturbingly – dragging noises.

Although I’ve ingested nothing fun aside from some fajita chicken and the effigy of a chubby, jolly wee elf, whose chocolate innards pleased me intensely, I have only just understood what Hunter S. Thompson meant by “bad vibes, fear and loathing.”  Ugh.  I really want to go get my husband because, although sensation reports that reality has jumped ship, I know that he’s only a set of stairs away and that he would give me that pitying, irritated, bleary-eyed one-in-the-morning look and tell me to go to bed.  I could close my eyes and wait for whatever rift in the space-time continuum has been created to sew itself back up.  But I can’t bring myself to do that because I’m afraid of what I’ll see if I stand up and go around the corner into the dining room, which offers access to the aforementioned stairs.

Why?  Why, for the love of all that’s good and holy won’t Harper wake up screaming?  She always wakes up screaming about this time of night.  If she would wake up screaming, then my husband would wake up and I could slink upstairs secure in the knowledge that if I have melted into some some horrible and completely unintended bad trip, my husband will be able to pull me safely from the purple alligator-filled quicksand.  Won’t he?

I’ve always found Schizophrenia to be the most fascinating of psychological disorders.  Fascinating because it is terrifying.  To me, the thought of having no way to distinguish between reality and hallucination would be the absolute measure of terror.  And I’m being one hundred percent serious when I say that I can hearwhat I believe to be an unknown song by The Eagles very clearly through the white noise in this baby monitor.  This thing is evil.  Also, I would put my right hand on the bible and swear to you that I hear the floor above me creaking as if my husband is at the bassinet.  But not an earthly creature stirring.

I know that it’s a weird combination of lack of proper sleep, a day spent far more in the sun than others, matrixing sounds out of white noise, the chorioretinopathy in my left eye coupled with the almost complete shadow of my living room.  But I just heard someone burp into the monitor and my brain is working double time to try and convince me that the armchair across the room has turned itself to face me and is gently rocking itself, waiting patiently for me to get up.  And for what I care not to know.

Wow.  I really don’t understand how anyone could voluntarily do this to themselves.  Timothy Leary, you were one ballsy character because if this were to be a common occurence I think I would certainly just jump off a bridge.  Not sure how tonight is going to end up.  I think it’s time to turn on the television and wait (pray) for one of my children to wake up and, in so doing, wake my husband up, so that I can reconnect with reality.

Strange, strange things here tonight.

3 thoughts on “Hunter Thompson’s Ghost is Riding My Consciousness Wagon…

    • Funny how being up at 2:30 am last year at this time was the magic hour where I could actually write – well and often – and enjoy my little corner of the night. Now here I am. Still up at 2:30 am but rendered entirely ineffectual. I am Randle McMurphy by day. Randle McMurphy at the end of the book, of course. Fuck I’ve never been as spry as exposition McMurphy even at the gleaming apex of my youth. By night, it seems, I’m Hunter Thompson cowering in the corner of a poorly decorated and even less appealingly lit room worrying that my baby monitor is secretly a portal to hell.

      Actually, the lack of sleep is not from the girls. They’re sleeping through the night beautifully. Only getting up once, if that. It’s just my mind. My body craves sleep but my brain resists like tungsten in a light bulb. Haha. Snort. Dork joke.

      No. Not dead yet. Although it would appear that my online life has ended. Or has been kidnapped by a psychotic fan and is given only brief moments of opportunity to attempt to communicate its plight to a third party. But apparently my online life is no James Caan because it squanders those opportunities by blogging about tripping on absolutely nothing at all.

      /random meanderings. I miss reading about all of these crazy things that happened long ago and far away. Well, far away for me. I promise, my Sub-James Caan cyberego will come read soon. I hope. If Kathy Bates goes to bed early. 😉

      • 🙂 I do my best work after midnight now too. That used to be when I slept but now it is the only time I get my brain to myself. The Man calls me the Nighstalker and moans incessantly about my late hours disturbing him. Tough luck, I say. The only reason I am writing now (12.30 in the afternoon) is because it is school holidays and the kids are amusing themselves, I think. Hmmmm… I had better check, hadn’t I?!

        Having a baby means your brain is full of things you never had to think of before, worry becomes a way of life. It is amazing how the mere presence of a small person can fill every crevice of your head for every second of every day, and with the most ridiculous thoughts. They crowd out the rational! Of course all those thoughts are still happening, they are just squished down, 2.30am is when the lid blows off and the thoughts fight for supremacy!

        I expect that is why I can only think properly at night, even though mine are older now I still get to the end of the day and think phew, everyone is in bed and I can take stock, yes, we all survived, disaster averted for another day.

        Suddenly my brain can think clearly, it is like once the family is tucked safely away I can stop guarding them and my thoughts can be my own again. If I go to bed early the night is a dead loss, my brain just goes into hyperdrive and I will never sleep, my fingers itching for paper and pen.

        You never know though, perhaps the unlikely combination of a baby monitor, fajita chicken and chocolate is the key to the space time mystery! You could be onto the biggest discovery in the history of the world! Or not…. 😉

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