Holy Shit…

…I have a blog.

And someday I’ll be a better blog mom.  I’m currently working on a collection of short stories.  I’m doing something else that’s been taking up a lot of time.  What was that thing I was doing?  Oh…yeah…raising twins.

But I ordered my Newtonmas cards today.  I’m anti-religion.  But if I were going to adhere to a strict set of dogmatic beliefs, it would be one of which Sheldon would approve.

Check these puppies out:

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.
Pretty schweddy, huh?

One thought on “Holy Shit…

  1. We are anti-religion too, although we do the xmas tree thing. Who am I to rob my children of that time honoured tradition? We call it ‘the bait’ though. Santa won’t come unless there is a tree, right? It is kind of like fishing….

    I like the Discworld version of xmas though, Hogswatch. I just wish I had the sleigh and the stinky life sized hogs, Snouter, Tusker, Rooter and Gouger, out on my lawn 🙂

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