I Thought…

…that having a Democratic win last night would make it easier to live in America.  Yes, the negativity and partisan bickering would still be here.  Yes, there would still be Christians trying to turn their religion into policy and legislation.  Yes, there would still be large number of hateful, fabricating far-right nut jobs.  But the democrats would have given them all a huge spanking and sent them to bed without dinner.  And they did.  Republicans were publicly spanked last night, and bad, because the race was so very close.  But this morning my Facebook is clogged with hateful posts, the negativity still exists, the partisan bickering.

I don’t know.  Being a Libertarian myself, I don’t get a huge surge of party affiliated pride, but I do take comfort in knowing that even though Obama will continue to present a lackluster performance compared with his campaign promises, at least there are enough people in this country who still believe in individual freedoms, who still care enough about social issues, to come out and vote for someone who doesn’t want to fill the pockets of the mega rich and deny gay people the right to marry.

Social issues were a much, much larger factor for me than economic issues.  Probably stupid but, hey, we who don’t make 250 thousand a year a used to a little financial discomfort.  Not as though Obama created it and I don’t really see how he was supposed to dig us out of the hole that Dick Cheney’s trained monkey put us in (and everyone before him – it’s never one president all on his own making problems, they work together).

As far as foreign policy goes, here’s my thinking:  We are fucking infants on the world’s stage.   We are giant babies with big lungs who have a tendency to stomp our feet and scream really loud.  That’s why we’re a major player.  We effect what goes on in the world because we just pull out our dicks (and our guns) and run in wherever we want without thinking of how it effects everyone else.  We need to knock that shit off and grow up or, please believe, there’s going to be a violin wailing while Washington burns.  We are the new Rome.  You’d think we’d learn a little something about hubris from them.

But whatever.  I am a white voter living in a red county, in a blue state, who voted for a black president and won.  Diversity is so fucking cool.  And guess what?  It doesn’t matter who’s president.  We’re going to go deeper into debt, less and less people are going to believe the conservative Christian rhetoric and more and more will stop voting to prevent others from having rights based on their own dogma.  For the far right community, their fears are a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The world is getting worse for them.  But it’s getting a fuck of a lot better over here in the center, where more and more people are conceding that we shouldn’t be worrying about forcing everyone to live the lifestyle we’ve chosen.

Why did I vote for Obama?  Because I’m a woman in a country where women and minorities are, both historically and currently, treated as second class citizens.  Romney wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade.  Fucking A.  That would have set the women’s rights movement back 39 years.  39 Years!  That’s unacceptable.  Sending women into back alleys with wire coat hangers because your god expects them to raise whatever life they’re impregnanted with, even in the case of rape or incest.  Unacceptable.  No.  Just no.

Okay.  I could go on all day long.  The point is that while I feel vindicated and just a twinge hopeful given that Obama captured both the popular vote and the electoral college, signifying a real change in thinking on social issues across the country, I’m still a Libertarian who loves everyone, including racial and ideological minorities, living in a very vitriolic red country.  I got what I wanted.  Romney went home with his tail between his legs, as all good liars should.  But nothing has changed, the rhetoric and blindness to reason are now even stronger among those who cling to them, and it was still close enough of a race to remind me that we have a long way to go as a country in developing true compassion and empathy for fellow human beings.

Oh well.  At least a little over half of us still have some sense.